AlterCam for Windows

AlterCam is a webcam software for Microsoft Windows.

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AlterCam using you can add 50+ effects, overlay images, text, and video, and change the background to your live video stream. 


Features and Highlights

  • 50+ live effects for the webcam.
  • Add images over and under your video.
  • Change voice in real-time.
  • Broadcast any video file to the webcam.
  • Add any text overlays.
  • Support of HD video resolution.
  • Desktop broadcasting (with or without webcam video).
  • Use GPU acceleration for less CPU usage.

February 6, 2022

Improvements and Fixes.


  • added automatic reconnection for the IP cameras when the connection is lost after a timeout.
  • added ability to drop frames for live video playback on slow computers to keep the original video duration.
  • added audio volume control for video and IP-camera sources.
  • added audio volume control for the internal video player.
  • added ability to mute audio from IP camera sources.
  • improved ability to set video files as a background.
  • new background images included.
  • fixed playing video files with transparency (including GIF files).
  • fixed the position of the audio driver installation button so that it is always visible.
  • fixed playback of MP3 files into the virtual microphone.
  • many minor bug fixes and improvements.
AlterCam 6.1 Build 3389
February 6, 2022
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AlterCam 6.1 Build 3389

for Windows

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