Attribute Changer for Windows

Attribute Changer let you easily change file and folder properties with a right-click in Explorer

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Attribute Changer adds a new command to the Explorer context menu from which you can easily change attributes. It works both with files and folders, both with a single item or massive selections. Besides enabling you to change the basic attributes, you can also modify the date and time with extraordinary precision with Attribute Changer.


Features & Highlights

  • Photo date and time
  • File/folder date and time
  • File and folder attributes
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March 30th, 2022
New features and bug fixes.

  • New, simplified user interface
  • Merge file and folder properties/filters
  • Simplified user guide
  • Main window opens near the mouse pointer
  • F /D and /T options in name filters to tag specific items
  • Use of comments in name filters
  • New advanced option ‘Date and time Now’
  • Unsorted list of name filters
  • Add GByte unit to filters
  • Fixed: failing case changes for UNC paths
  • Fixed: flickering issues
  • Fixed: an issue that junctions and symlinks were resolved in recursive mode
  • Fixed: high DPI scaling issues during application startup
  • Fixed: an issue that Randomize tab was not shown for Photos
Attribute Changer 11.00
March 30, 2022
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Attribute Changer 11.00

for Windows

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