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Boostnote is an open-source note-taking app made for programmers

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Boostnote is an open-source note-taking app designed for programmers and web developers. Boostnote is trusted by many programmers from over 190 countries and regions. There are quick access links found on the lower right that includes zoom, every type of document you could imagine, size, indent, and last update.


Features and Highlights

  • Quickly and clearly create a well-organized article in Plain Text
  • Easily record a memo on development know-how and take notes during a meeting
  • Recognizes over 100 kinds of syntax-highlight making it perfect for writing code
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April 12th, 2022

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Boostnote 0.16.1
April 12, 2022
100.0 MB


Boostnote 0.16.1

for Windows

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