PeaZip for Windows

PeaZip is a free & open-source tool for creating and opening ZIP files quickly and easily

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PeaZip is a free file and archive manager, that can handle mainstream archive formats, and support additional file formats and features, in order to provide an all-purpose zip utility featuring a powerful GUI. Unlike most other classic file archives, PeaZip is natively portable and cross-platform.


Features & Highlights

  • Free archiver, 150+ file types supported zip files
  • Easy to use GUI featuring Drag & Drop support
  • MS Windows context menu integration. 
  • High speed, compression ratio, stability, and security
  • Encrypt, backup, and protect files
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August 20th, 2022

Various changes.

  • PeaZip 8.8.0 release completes the evolution of the GUI started in previous releases, providing more customization options to better integrate the application in different environments.
  • It is now possible to automatically test archives after creation and to propagate Zone. Identifier stream on Windows when extracting archives.
  • TAR format support was improved, with the option to follow pax or gnu standard, and to save owner/group ids and names (on Linux).
  • Updated backends: 7z 22.01, Pea 1.09.
PeaZip 8.8.0 (64 bit)
August 20, 2022
9.1 MB
PeaZip 8.8.0 (32 bit)
August 20, 2022
8.4 MB


PeaZip 8.8.0

for Windows

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