GoPro MAX Exporter for Windows

GoPro MAX 360° videos for the next step in creating amazing edits.

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GoPro MAX Exporter you can easily export standard spherical .mp4 files that play nice with some of your favorite editing programs and can be shared on social. 


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Features and Highlights

  • Export your 360° videos as spherical .mp4 files that are compatible with selected editing software and ready to be shared on social media.
  • Adjust the horizon in your videos to keep it level –whether you’re getting sideways, running, or doing backflips.
  • Use World Lock to set the orientation of your 360° videos and minimize rotation in your footage., or doing backflips.
  • Create a queue to export multiple files at the same time.
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January 2, 2022

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GoPro MAX Exporter 1.9.4
January 2, 2022
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GoPro MAX Exporter 1.9.4

for Windows

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