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Download Thonny, a tool designed for beginners in Python programming, offering features like easy error tracking, code completion, and step-by-step debugging.

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Thonny is a popular integrated development environment (IDE) for Python programming. It is designed to make learning and teaching programming easier and more accessible. 



  • Line numbers.
  • Statement stepping without breakpoints.
  • Live variables during debugging.
  • Stepping through evaluation of the expressions (expressions get replaced by their values)
  • Separate windows for executing function calls (for explaining local variables and call stack)
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June 12, 2023

Some Fixes.


  • Fix the warning for cases where Thonny avoids user module shadowing a library module
  • Fix installing from local file in ESP flashing dialog
  • Use a tilde to separate pre-release versions in the AppData
  • Use bigger initial width in simple mode
Thonny 4.1.1
June 12, 2023
73.6 MB


Thonny 4.1.1

for Windows

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