Telegram for Windows

Cross-platform, cloud-based instant messaging service with end-to-end encrypted video calling, VoIP, file sharing and more

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Telegram is an instant messaging service with better additional security measures. It offers end-to-end encryption to keep your activity safer. Telegram Download has a simple interface and letting you access your account from multiple devices will allow you to explore a better experience. The best thing about Telegram for Windows is the file-sharing feature which doesn't have any limits on the size of your media and files. and It also allows you to create channels and groups and a group can hold up to 200,00 members which is really a life saver. 


Features and Highlights

  • Simple interface and faster
  • Secure conversations with end-to-end encryption
  • Access your chats from multiple devices
  • No size limits for file sharing

February 8, 2023



  • Emoji Profile Pictures. Quickly create group and profile pictures from animated emoji and stickers with the new “Use an Emoji” option.
  • Emoji Categories. Filter stickers and emoji by categories like “love”, “cheers” or “sleeping” in the sticker and emoji tabs.
  • Chat Translation. As a Premium user, translate entire chats in real time as you scroll them or receive new messages.
  • Media Permissions in Groups. Control whether members of your groups can send 9 distinct media types – like Photos, Voice or Video Messages.
  • Select Chats for Bots. Bot developers can now let users quickly select groups, channels or contacts that meet predefined criteria (more in @BotNews).
  • Open in New Window. Open chats or additional accounts in separate windows.


April 26th, 2022

Fix a crash in the pinned bar bot button refresh

Telegram 4.6.1
February 8, 2023
34.6 MB
Telegram 3.7.3 (64 bit)
April 26, 2022
34.2 MB
Telegram 3.7.3 (32 bit)
April 26, 2022
31.1 MB


Telegram 4.6.1

for Windows

Secured Download

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