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Download Maxthon, a fast, secure web browser with unique features like resource sniffing, cloud syncing, and ad blocking for an enhanced browsing experience.

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Maxthon is a unique browser that provides technical support for blockchain apps and makes it easier for users. With the powerful engine & compatibility, Maxthon Browser is more powerful, faster, and uses less memory so it managed to be the default browser of many users all over the internet. It does a better job than popular browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome so you may wanna give it a try.


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Features & Highlights

  • Built-in blockchain identity manager - VBox
  • Compatible with Chrome data
  • Better security and privacy
  • Fast and easy to use
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August 29th, 2022

New features and bug fixes.

  • Added payment info and address options to Passkeeper
  • Optimized Maxnote interaction, added sort, display, and column layout
  • Supported adding, changing, and moving the folder in the sidebar Maxnote right-click menu
  • Optimized main menu layout, added save as image, pdf, file options, webpage right-click menu, added Properties option
  • Added the option for restoring data from local in the settings page
  • Added secure DNS settings item to the settings page
  • Optimized history page interaction, added right-click menu
  • Adjusted the login panel to display the browser account registered phone number or email address
  • Supported syncing font and security settings, adding the tab to the new tab page in the tab right-click menu
  • Supported customizing QuickNote shortcut in Settings, downloading from the broken point after restarting the browser
Maxthon (64 bit)
January 20, 2023
98.1 MB
Maxthon (64 bit)
August 29, 2022
100.4 MB
Maxthon (32 bit)
August 29, 2022
95.4 MB



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