Laragon for Windows

Download Laragon, a utility that simplifies web development with a fast, isolated environment, supporting various services like Apache, Nginx, MySQL, and PHP.

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Laragon is much better than other development Environments.  Laragon is great for building web applications.  using Laragon create many stack applications like Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django, Flask, MEAN, and Spring Boot. 


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Features & Highlights

  • Use app. test instead of localhost/app.
  • You can move Laragon folder around (to another disks, to another laptops, sync to Cloud) without any worries.
  • Laragon has an isolated environment with your OS - it will keep your system clean.
  • Wanna have a WordPress CMS? Just 1 click.
  • Wanna show your local project to customers? Just 1 click.
  • Wanna enable/disable a PHP extension? Just 1 click.
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September 17, 2022

Fixes and new enhancements.


  • Update PHP 8.1.10
  • Update Apache 2.4.54
  • Update Nginx 1.22.0
  • Add Python 3.10


May 25, 2021

Improvement and Fixed some minor issues.


  • Added Quick Linux server
  • Added bitmana CLI
  • Updated default packages: PHP 7.4.19, Apache 2.4.47, Node.js 14
Laragon 6.0.0
September 17, 2022
172.9 MB
Laragon 5.0.0
May 25, 2021
146.6 MB


Laragon 6.0.0

for Windows

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