Dragonframe for Windows

Dragonframe let you create your own stop-motion movies

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Dragonframe is a professional tool that lets users create stop-motion movies and animation. To use Dragonframe properly, you're going to need a camera to take the frames you'll be merging to create your clip or movie. Then it's just about editing and tweaking to ensure everything lines up to your liking.


Features & Highlights

  • Professional on-screen tools for precise movements.
  • Compose and light the perfect shot with camera controls, test shots, and advanced image review tools.
  • Import and edit multiple audio tracks. 
  • Program animated lighting with simple keyframes. 
  • Use the intuitive graphical interface to program advanced camera moves.
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July 13th, 2022

Various fixes.

  • Resolved crashes when switching/unplugging monitors on macOS
  • Fixed high-res proxy dimensions for C2/C3/C4
  • Fixed Windows webcam focus changing every frame
  • Handle 4GB+ video files from Canon and Olympus cameras
  • Fixed pre-roll for RUN LIVE with eMotimo ST4
  • Added RGKit Play presets
  • Workaround Ubuntu 22.04+ OpenSSL 3 issues
Dragonframe 5.0.8
July 13, 2022
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Dragonframe 5.0.8

for Windows

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