ImageUSB for Windows

ImageUSB is a free utility software developed by PassMark Software. It is designed to create and write images of USB drives and other removable media.

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ImageUSB is a free utility that lets you write an image concurrently to multiple USB Flash Drives. With ImageUSB, you can create an exact copy, or "image," of a USB drive and save it as a file on your computer. This image file can then be written back to another USB drive, effectively replicating the contents of the original drive.



  • Creating USB images: You can create images of USB drives, including both the data and the boot sectors.
  • Writing images to USB drives: ImageUSB allows you to write previously created images back to USB drives, effectively restoring the contents of the original drive.
  • Multiple drive support: You can create or write images to multiple USB drives simultaneously, which can be useful for tasks like mass duplication or creating backups.
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July 28, 2022 



  • Fixed bug where user is unable to select a read-only file for writing to UFD
ImageUSB 1.5.1003
July 28, 2022


ImageUSB 1.5.1003

for Windows

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