Genymotion for Windows

Genymotion is an Android Virtual Devices for all your team, project, development & testing needs

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Genymotion is one of the best free Android emulators on the market which can emulate multiple Android devices, Your computer's keyboard and mouse are automatically detected, and internet access is supported with no problem. You can enable the geolocation options and even increase or decrease the size of the emulator window when Android applications are launched with Genymotion.


Features & Highlights

  • Compatible with With all testing frameworks based on ADB
  • Compatible with popular Continuous Integration solutions CircleCI, Bitrise, Terraform, etc.
  • No nested virtualization to speed up your tests and operations with or without a dedicated GPU.
  • Instant access to unlimited virtual devices that can be run simultaneously for test sharding or parallel testing.
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June 5th, 2022

Fixed multiple issues.

  • gmtool: The 'gmtool admin list' command now displays the right IP for each listed device instead of (this was a regression introduced in 3.2.0 by a change meant to improve performance)
  • application sharing: On Android 10, foreground application detection was not working, making application sharing not possible. It is fixed now.
  • player: Improved device startup reliability on slow computers. Also, the Player window stays in place after performing an 'adb reboot'. Finally, device reconnection issues for Android 9 have been fixed.
  • zsh: Fix gmtool zsh completion when installing Genymotion as root
Genymotion 3.2.1
June 5, 2022
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Genymotion 3.2.1

for Windows

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