FontLab for Windows

FontLab is a professional font editor and creation software used by type designers, typographers, and graphic designers to design and edit fonts.

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FontLab is a professional font editor software that type designers and typographers use to create, modify, and manage fonts. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for designing and refining typefaces, allowing users to work with vector and bitmap glyphs. FontLab supports various font formats and is widely used in the field of typography and font design.



  • Drawing tools for outlining individual characters (glyphs)
  • Advanced path manipulation and editing capabilities
  • Automatic hinting for different screen resolutions
  • Kerning and spacing adjustments for optimal typographic appearance
  • Support for various font formats, including OpenType, TrueType, and Variable Fonts
  • Color font creation and editing
  • Web font generation
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January 17, 2024

No Changelog.

FontLab 8.3.0 Build 8766 (64 bit)
January 17, 2024
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FontLab 8.3.0 Build 8766

for Windows

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