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Composer is a PHP Programming language dependency manager that allows you to declare the libraries of your project.

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Composer is a dependency management tool for PHP that simplifies the process of managing libraries and packages in PHP projects. It allows developers to declare the dependencies their project needs and handles the installation and updating of those dependencies. The composer uses a centralized repository called Packagist, where thousands of open-source libraries and packages are available for easy integration into PHP projects. 


By defining dependencies in a composer.json file, developers can easily manage and track their project's dependencies, ensuring compatibility and easy maintenance. The composer has become an essential tool in the PHP ecosystem, enabling efficient dependency management and promoting code reusability.


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Features & Highlights

  • Update only one vendor
  • Add a library without editing your composer.json
  • Easy fork. Speaking about the composer.
  • Prefer dist packages and cache them.
  • Prefer source to edit your vendors.

March 4, 2023

Some Fixes.


  • Fixed basic auth failures resulting in infinite retry loop (#11320)
  • Fixed GitHub rate limit reporting (#11366)
  • Fixed InstalledVersions error in Composer 1 compatibility edge case (#11304)
  • Fixed issue displaying solver problems with branch names containing % signs (#11359)
  • Fixed race condition in cache validity detection when running Composer highly concurrently (#11375)
  • Fixed various minor config command issues (#11353, #11302)


February 4, 2023

Some Fixes.


  • Fixed self.version requirements reporting lock file integrity errors when changing branches (#11283)
  • Fixed require regression which broke the --fixed flag (#11247)
  • Fixed security audit reports loading when exclude/only filter rules are used on a repository (#11281)
  • Fixed autoloading regression on PHP 5.6 (#11285)
  • Fixed archive command including an existing archive into itself if run repeatedly (#11239)
  • Fixed dev package prompt in require not appearing in some conditions (#11287)


Jule 13, 2022

Bug Fixes.

  • Fixed plugins from CWD/vendor being loaded in some cases like create-project or validate even though the target directory is outside of CWD (#10935)
  • Fixed support for legacy (Composer 1.x, e.g. hirak/prestissimo) plugins which will not warn/error anymore if not in allow-plugins, as they are anyway not loaded (#10928)
  • Fixed pre-install check for allowed plugins not taking --no-plugins into account (#10925)
  • Fixed support for disable_functions containing disk_free_space (#10936)
  • Fixed RootPackageRepository usages to always clone the root package to avoid interoperability issues with plugins (#10940)
Composer 2.5.5
March 31, 2023
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Composer 2.5.2
February 4, 2023
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Composer 2.3.10
July 13, 2022
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Composer 2.5.5

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