Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome offers themes and apps to customize and personalize your browser on your desktop computer. Just by installing extensions, you can add new features to chrome. There are thousands of extensions for shoppers, designers, chefs, students, life hackers, bloggers, photographers and so much more. Since there are a lot of extensions for you to choose from, we summarized some of the best google chrome extensions we usually like to have.




Our Best Google Chrome Extensions Pickups

We filtered out these 7 extensions based on our usage and aspects of how we see these will fit for you. So if you have experience with any other Google Chrome Extension that you think others may find helpful, let us know in the comment section below.



1. Windscribe

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


Mask your physical location, circumvent censorship, block ads, and track on websites with Windscribe which is a VPN desktop app and a proxy browser extension. Once you start using it as your Chrome extension for VPN and ad-blocking you will see a huge improvement in page loading time. It will mask your IP and reduce this needless connection. 



And limit your VPN connection just to your browser with no external VPN software or split routing. Windscribe will help you by hiding your location even to a certain degree. And this VPN service has military-grade encryption and a lot of safety protocols to keep your data safe.



2. Grammarly

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


Grammarly is a free google chrome extension that offers real-time suggestions to its users to write their best. It analyzes your content when you write and underlines words and phrases which have room to improve and which can improve your content more. And with a single click, you can apply the suggestions to your content. Grammarly offers free and premium versions and their Chrome extension will work finely across, Google Docs, YouTube, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more And don’t worry about your privacy Grammarly is committed to protecting your security. The service uses industry-standard encryption to protect user data and information.



3. Honey - Automatic Coupons and Cash Back

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


If you are an online shopping lover this is a must-have Chrome extension on your desktop. Honey is connected with 30,000+ sites and it will automatically find discounts when you do shopping on those sites. It will automatically add all the digital coupons and promo codes to your card so you can hit some of the lowest prices in popular brands. 



Honey smart shopping assistance is a part of the PayPal Family so the customers don’t need to worry about their privacy and shop online confidently. And customers can get Honey Gold rewards. Shop at thousands of popular stores and then redeem the reward for gift cards. Since Honey is a free and legitimate cash-back platform that helps you save money it is worth giving a try.




4. Scribe

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


With the Scribe, you can create clear and guided instructions for your workflow that can display your work progress to the others. It automatically creates guides based on screenshots taken from your screen. It auto-completes your workflow. In addition to this Scribe also gives you suggestions of words that you can simply click and add. And with Scribe, it is easy for you to share your ideas since one-click sharing is one of its key features. And you can create your work more efficiently and creatively because it auto-redacts for sensitive information.



5. LastPass

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


Why do you need an autofill tool? Just simply because it saves time. So LastPass is a Chrome extension favored by any user because it automatically completes your login information. It saves your passwords, addresses, and payment cards so that the browser itself can fill that information for you when you log in to that relevant account. Since LastPass is going to remember your password for you, you can create unique and strong passwords for each and every single account. LastPass offers you many ways to add sites and start your first round by filling your account vault. As a Password manager, they are leading priority is to ensure security. They have used AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud. Rather than typing the same information over and over again why don’t you try using the LastPass Chrome extension on your device?





6. Google Translate

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


There are tons of web pages out there and not all of them are written in a language that you speak. For that, you may have to use a translator and Google Translator will be the favorite of most of you. But having to copy & paste again and again to translate certain words or paragraphs will surely be annoying and boring. To make it easier, you can use the Google Translate Chrome extension. It allows you to translate the entire web page, select a section by right-clicking, or a certain word or paragraph by highlighting/ selecting it, to whatever language that you want. Having the best translator tool within 1 or 2 clicks will make your work a lot easier and a time saver so don’t forget to add it to your browser.




7. Adblock Plus

Best 7 Google Chrome Extensions


We are not going to let you go away without mentioning an adblocker. So we recommend you to have Adblock Plus - a free ad blocker extension to get rid of annoying advertisements. Having banner advertisements, ads that cover the entire web page, or random pop-up ads may disturb your browsing experience. Just install this free Chrome extension and add it to the browser and Adblock Plus will block all kinds of advertisements and will show how many ads have been taken care of. It also allows you to control the configurations to prevent it on certain websites to avoid problems. 





With that, we are wrapping up our best 7 google chrome extensions list. In the future, we may expand this list by adding new extensions with our experience so you may keep eye on this article. If you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comment section.