Opera GX Review - The Browser Built for Gamers

For a better gaming experience, your game may have to use all your computer resources to push a decent amount of frames. So having a program like a web browser running in the background can affect your gaming performance. To help you with that, Opera released a new browser with a ton of features, especially for gamers, Opera GX.


Opera GX has the most unique features that non-other browsers have including CPU, Ram, and Network limiters which will be a major feature that gamers need when enjoying their games. The browser itself is speedy, well-optimized, and can customize as you want.




Gaming Inspired Opera GX Features


GX Control

With this feature from the sidebar, you will be able to identify the tabs that use more resources and close them, adjust the network bandwidth limits, and limit how much CPU/ RAM can use by the browser.


Opera GX - GX Corner : Opera GX Review - The Browser Built for Gamers
Opera GX - GX Corner


GX Corner

This contains the latest gaming news, best deals/ discounts/ offers, links to popular gaming stores, and a calendar with game release dates.



Twitch is the most popular live streaming service for gamers and Opera GX download doesn’t let you down with that. From the browser sidebar, you will be able to enjoy watching your favorite streamer and get notifications when they go live.




As a gamer, you may also need to keep your contact with your gamer bros. To help you with that, Opera GX for Windows will let you config your sidebar to pin your favorite messenger services which are Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Telegram, VK, Twitter, and Discord.



Some gamers would love to listen to some music while gaming. For that, you can connect your favorite music stream accounts with free Opera GX and switch between them.


Courtesy: https://www.opera.com/gx : Opera GX Review - The Browser Built for Gamers
Courtesy: https://www.opera.com/gx


More Unique Opera GX Features


  • Force Dark Pages
    Some users love to use dark mode but not every website is going to offer it. For that, this gaming web browser has the ability to enable dark mode for those websites as well.
  • Video Pop-out
    With this, you can detach a video from a webpage and have it on top of other windows so you can continue your browsing.


  • Free VPN
    To control your privacy and have some extra security, you can use a VPN. To help with that, download Opera GX offers you a free VPN service.
  • Ad Blocker
    Seeing annoying advertisements on web pages can disturb your browsing experience. Opera GX has an inbuilt ad blocker to get rid of those advertisements.



With all these features, Opera GX will be a great browser for your daily use, even if you are not a gamer. But if you are worried about your important data from your previous browser, you can import them as well. Having the ability to control your system resources usage, and adjust the network bandwidth will give you a much better experience compared to other browsers. So you may surely have to give it a try and tell us your experience.