WampServer for Windows

WampServer is a web app development environment for Microsoft Windows.

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WampServer allows you to create apps with Apache, PHP, and a MySQL database.


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  • PhpMyAdmin allows you to manage your databases easily.
  • Easy install and setup development environment

December 7, 2022

Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Support for Windows Parameter Region, Administration, Beta utf-8.
  • Change of Wampserver browser by menu.
  • Removal of PHP CLI version change.
  • Fix minor bugs.
  • PHP 8.2.0 support


November 24, 2021

Bug fixes and improvements.

  • Support for PHP 8.1
  • Improve default_file for MySQL and MariaDB service
  • Support of Apache Graceful Restart
  • Restart Wampserver in one click
  • Display date/time of last startup
  • Apache configurations comparison
  • Ability to restore httpd.conf and httpd-vhosts.conf saved when installing an Apache version
  • Improved display of command windows
  • Ability to check for updates to Wampserver, Aestan Tray Menu, Apache, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, etc.
WampServer 3.3.0
December 7, 2022
644.4 MB
WampServer 3.2.6
November 21, 2021
596.3 MB


WampServer 3.3.0

for Windows

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