Tor Browser for Windows

Tor Browser is an open-source web browser that anonymizes your web traffic using the Tor network.

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Tor Browser is more secure than any popular browser. during a client's traffic through the Tor network, the origin of the traffic is no longer known and the final destination can only be known at the point where it exits the Tor network.



  • Cross-Platform Availability. 
  • Complex Data encryption before it sent over the Internet.
  • Automatic data decryption at client side.
  • It is a combination of Firefox Browser + Tor Project.
  • It provides anonymity to servers and websites.
  • It makes it possible to visit locked websites.
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February 16, 2023

No Changelog.

December 7, 2022

No Changelog.


August 29, 2022



  • Tor
  • NoScript 11.4.9
Tor Browser 12.0.3
February 16, 2023
91.2 MB
Tor Browser 12.0
December 7, 2022
90.7 MB
Tor Browser 11.5.2 (64 bit)
August 29, 2022
98.3 MB
Tor Browser 11.5.2 (32 bit)
August 29, 2022
96.5 MB


Tor Browser 12.0.3

for Windows

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