System Information Viewer (SIV) for Windows

System Information Viewer (SIV) is a popular system monitoring and diagnostic tool for Microsoft Windows.

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System Information Viewer (SIV) is a powerful and versatile software utility that provides detailed insights into your computer's hardware and software configurations. With an intuitive interface, it allows users to monitor real-time system data, temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and more.



  • SIV provides real-time monitoring of crucial hardware components, such as CPU, GPU, RAM, hard drives, and more. It displays temperature, voltage, fan speed, and utilization data, helping users keep an eye on system health.
  • SIV allows advanced users to adjust fan speeds and control cooling solutions for improved system performance and quieter operation. This feature can help maintain optimal temperatures.
  • Users can run performance benchmarks to assess their system's capabilities and compare results with other hardware configurations. 
  • SIV supports remote monitoring, enabling users to access system information and sensor data from other devices over a network. 
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September 14, 2023



  • Added initial AMD Ryzen Strix Point + Granite Ridge + Intel Core Meteor Lake-P support.
  • Added support for AMD EPYC Milan + Ryzen Threadripper Castle Peak + Ryzen 9 Phoenix + Ryzen 5 Cezanne + Ryzen 3 Renoir + Picasso + Raven Ridge + Pinnacle Ridge CPU Core and L3 Cache temperature reporting.
  • Enhanced [Sensors] so that a Left/Click on an icon will popup the appropriate [Highlight Setup] panel and added per category highlighting menu entries.
System Information Viewer (SIV) 5.73
September 14, 2023
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System Information Viewer (SIV) 5.73

for Windows

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