RogueKiller for Windows

RogueKiller is an antimalware software using a very effective detection method based on a list of signatures but also on heuristic analysis

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RogueKiller is an Anti-malware utility that uses an advanced layered engine to find and destroy any type of infection. Whether they are nasty threats like rootkits or just basic adware there is no place for them to hide. RogueKiller will be able to detect and remove a wide range of known and unknown malware. Its capabilities make it an outstanding tool to remove the most resistant infections.


Features & Highlights

  • Find/ Remove malicious hidden processes
  • Find and remove registry hijacks
  • Read/ Fix DNS Hijacks, Proxy Hijacks, Hosts Hijacks
  • Read/ Fix malicious Master Boot Record (MBR), even hidden behind the rootkit
  • Find and restore system files patched/faked by a rootkit
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August 22nd, 2022

Core updated to 6.50, new features & bug fixes

  • New! Process injection (rkmon32 & rkmon64) [BETA]
  • New! Clipboard protection module [BETA]
  • Fixed an issue where the RTP cleanup routine was not executed
  • Fixed an issue where the RTP signatures were not updated automatically
  • Fixed an issue where the RTP cache was not limited in Size
  • Optimization for RTP cache on process termination
August 22, 2022
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