IceSL for Windows

IceSL is a user-friendly software specifically developed for 3D printing, focusing on modeling and slicing tasks.

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IceSL is a modeling and slicing software designed for 3D printing. It stands for Interactive Slicer for Multi-Material 3D Printers and provides a user-friendly interface for creating and preparing 3D models for printing.



  • Unprecedented control over your prints with settings specified per-layer
  • Obtain the best possible choice of slice thicknesses that will maximize part accuracy
  • Tetrahedral infills present an excellent compromise in speed, strength, and weight
  • Unique progressive infill pattern that can smoothly vary in density along with the height
  • Powerful support technique optimizing a reliable and disposable bridge structure
  • Brushes allow different strategies in different parts of a model
  • Geometry specified by shaders. Avoid tessellation!
  • Offsets can erode or dilate even the most complex objects
  • Self-supporting cavities and nice ooze shields that remain close to the print at all times
  • Clean color algorithm to improve multi-filament print quality
  • Print in color using a novel technique that mixes different filaments into one nozzle
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June 30, 2023



  • added ui uniforms in shader infillers (see in 'icesl-infillers' folder)\
  • added control string to service mode (see service mode documentation)
  • added anti-aliasing in DLP service when using PNG output
IceSL 2.5.2
June 30, 2023
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IceSL 2.5.2

for Windows

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