Gaming Keyboard Splitter (KeyboardSplitterXbox) for Windows

Download Gaming Keyboard Splitter, a utility that transforms individual keyboards into virtual Xbox controllers, enabling multiplayer gaming on a single PC.

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Gaming Keyboard Splitter can properly detect input from each individual keyboard that is detected by the Windows OS and designate separate Xbox 360 gamepad emulation powered by Xinput service, enabling PC gamers to create fully viable coop gaming sessions with up to 4 separate keyboards.



  • Keyboards input monitor
  • Virtual Xbox 360 controllers tester
  • Customizable mapping presets
  • Managing xbox custom functions
  • Keyboard detector
  • Key detector
  • Realtime usb detection
  • Keyboard input blocker
  • Remote blocking/unblocking the keyboards input
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October 29, 2023 

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Gaming Keyboard Splitter (KeyboardSplitterXbox)
October 29, 2023
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Gaming Keyboard Splitter (KeyboardSplitterXbox)

for Windows

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