ClipClip for Windows

ClipClip is a free clipboard and taking screenshot software for Microsoft Windows.

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ClipClip is much better than Windows Clipboard Manager. ClipClip comes with a lot packed of features. It can sometimes also be used as a screenshot tool.


Features & Highlights

  • ClipClip makes it possible to copy text, images, or files to your clipboard.
  • Capture anything on the screen, snap screenshots, videos or gifs.
  • Format text, transform images, and more with a single click.
  • Quickly find any code snippet by searching your clipboard history and preview them simply by hovering the mouse over the preview icon.
  • Upload clips to the Cloud to share with colleagues and across digital platforms.
  • Automatically translate to any language with a single click.
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June 5th, 2022

Improvements and Bug Fixes.


  • Apply the "Open in another app..." command to the first file path of the copied files in the clip of FILE type.
  • The "context-sensitive" clips are displayed in the Paste Menu when an application, where they were created, is active.
  • The "Escape" key has been added to stop the "Screen recording GIF/MP4" feature if it is running.
  • The fix for the critical error that can be occurred when the user turned off the computer while ClipClip runs.
  • When the user creates screenshots on several monitors, the wrong location of the toolbar with the advanced selection controls has been corrected.
  • Detecting of the Youtube URL has been improved in the latest clips while the user uses a clip preview in the grid.
  • Fixed a bug when the main window is not hidden completely before screen recording starts.
  • The filter for actions has been corrected in the in the clip editors.
ClipClip 2.4.5515
June 5, 2022
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ClipClip 2.4.5515

for Windows

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