Xinorbis for Windows

Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk, folder, and storage analyzer

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Xinorbis is a very powerful hard disk, folder, and storage analyzer. It uses a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables, and tree displays to give a complete, and unprecedented, picture of the contents of any hard disk, SSD, folder, removable, or network drive. Xinorbis makes it easy to see the contents, structure, file distribution, and file composition of any attached storage device.


Features & Highlights

  • Complete overview of the contents from your storage
  • See the structure of your files from your storage
  • Supports seamless integration with SQlite3 or ODBC
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November 12th, 2021
New features and bug fixes.

  • New Search manual. I've dumped the web-based search help system and replaced it with a lovely new one and updated it manually. Updating all of this content is just taking too much time. This new way forward will save me time and ensure everything is up-to-date.
  • Xinorbis will not count virtual or offline files when calculating sizes of folders/categories/etc. It is still possible to search for them and they will be included in reports, and other exported data.
  • Added a toggle for the above, a button next to the Folder History toggle. By default, all virtual/offline files are ignored. Without this toggle, it would be impossible to scan the root folder for such services as OneDrive or Dropbox where the folder is 100% virtual.
  • Several new file attribute types to the Type tab of Folder Properties: RECALLONOPEN, RECALLONDATAACCESS, and OFFLINE. These are used to represent various types of virtual files not present on the file system.
  • "Ignore virtual files" option to Exclude Folder dialog. This will ignore any file with either of these file attributes present: RECALLONOPEN, RECALLONDATAACCESS, and OFFLINE.
  • Checkbox on the Map page to enable/disable highlighting mode
  • Fixed a couple of places where the new color scheme wasn't implemented 100%. Black text on dark grey is not fun! File Ages and Search Wizard.
Xinorbis 8.3.1 (64 bit)
November 12, 2021
12.1 MB
Xinorbis 8.3.1 (32 bit)
November 12, 2021
10.3 MB


Xinorbis 8.3.1

for Windows

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