LeapDroid for Windows

Download LeapDroid, a utility that provides a high-performance Android emulator for PC, enabling users to experience Android on a bigger screen seamlessly.

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 LeapDroid is a free fast and functional Android emulator. It’s lightweight and easily usable even on old PC and laptop hardware. LeapDroid using you can use want lot of entertainment apps, productivity apps, and even games.


Features and Highlights

  • Fully-featured Android emulation on your Windows desktop.
  • Fast and accurate emulation of 99% KitKat-compatible apps.
  • Render games faster than any mobile phone or tablet.
  • Unleash android with access to full PC storage and RAM hardware.
  • Suitable for both novices and enthusiasts.
  • Native support for keyboard and mouse.
  • The powerful Keymapper tool can help you use PC accessories to emulate finger swipes and taps.
  • 100% free, with no ads or bloatware.
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July 17, 2022

No Changelog.

LeapDroid 18.0.0
July 17, 2022
271.2 MB


LeapDroid 18.0.0

for Windows

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