Glasswire for Windows

See your current & past network activity in real-time with malware detection and firewall protection

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Glasswire is a network monitoring software that allows you to see your network activity and warns you of network changes to your PC, or unusual changes to your apps that indicate malware. And Glassware is also capable of detecting spyware/ malware, detecting bad behaving apps, bandwidth hogs, and will block their connections.


Features & Highlights

  • Visualize your network activity usage
  • View data usage for each application
  • Thread monitoring
  • Alerts for new app connection 
  • Firewall management

January 31, 2023

Minor bug fixes and Ui Improvement.


  • The requirement to have a access GlassWire via an account has been removed
  • There is no longer a free 7 day trial of Premium for those who do create an account
  • More features available on the Free version with various limitations include: Firewall (Click-to-block), GlassWire Score and Anomaly detection
  • Changes to history and feature limitations on the Free version
  • Direct navigation to Management Console
  • UI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes


August 16th, 2022

New features and bug fixes

  • Menu show/hide are now animated
  • Improved the accuracy of the IP address country resolving
  • Updated copy/paste application-wide
  • Fixed an issue causing unexpected deactivation of GlassWire
  • Fixed taskbar icons and tooltip
  • Fixed crash in incognito mode for some rare cases
  • Minor Bug Fixes
Glasswire 3.0.490
January 31, 2023
71.8 MB
Glasswire 2.3.444
August 16, 2022
66.4 MB


Glasswire 3.0.490

for Windows

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