Figma for Windows

Figma is a prototyping and UI/UX design application that you can use to create websites, apps, or smaller user interface components that can be integrated into other projects

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Plugins Make it Easier
Figma has a plugin library where you can have plugins to create shapes, generate images, customize styles, create multiple types of objects to use on your project.


Auto Layout
You don't have to readjust your elements whenever the contents get changed. Figma has the auto-layout function where the element will adjust itself with the configurations you give.


Design Systematically
You can create components to use in multiple locations so you will be able to edit the same component from the first place to make your life a lot easier.


Define Styles
Figma will let you define styles with font, color, sizes, shadows and you will be able to apply those on other elements in one click.


Accessible Libraries
A quick search surfaces the assets you seek. Simply drag and drop them into your file.


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Figma 116.6.3
February 1, 2023
92.3 MB
Figma 116.0.3
June 16, 2022
86.3 MB
Figma 108.1.0
January 20, 2022
83.5 MB
Figma 93.4.0
December 3, 2021
83.5 MB


Figma 116.6.3

for Windows

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