Blockbench for Windows

Download Blockbench, a 3D modeling platform for creating voxel and pixel art models, ideal for game developers and artists working on block-based projects.

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Blockbench comes with a powerful animation editor. It was made to create models for the open-world game. Blockbench is absolutely free project.


Features & Highlights

  • Low-poly Modeling
  • Vertex Snapping lets you connect two angled shapes. This makes it super easy to create smooth curves.
  • Create and edit custom entity models. For Bedrock Edition and Optifine!
  • Create, edit, and paint texture right inside the program. This makes the app an all-in-one solution for custom models.
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September 15, 2022



  • Added Copy Brush.
  • Added square brush shape.
  • Added default brush presets for pixel and smooth brush.
  • Added custom brush presets.
  • Improved brush line tool accuracy.
  • Use a smoother equation to calculate smooth brush falloff.
  • Added brush blend modes.
Blockbench 4.4.0
September 15, 2022
134.6 MB


Blockbench 4.4.0

for Windows

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